About us

Bennetts manufacture, install and service cabling systems ranging from simple UTP cables to highly complex multi-connector looms and fibre optic cabling.

We also provide a free customised labelling service on all cables and parts ensuring easy identification and referencing of communications equipment.

Bennetts offer a lifetime warranty on all products and services which is our guarantee to each and every customer.

Bennett Commercial Electronics is an AMP stockist and distributor. We also enjoy the much sought after Endorsed Supplier Arrangement from the Australian Federal Government (Supplier #369).


The products offered by Bennett Commercial Electronics include:

  • Cable manufacture and assembly.
  • Retail of cabling, connector parts and communication parts and accessories.
  • V.35 cables.
  • Circular Military Connector cables.
  • Tempest Rated cables.
  • Radar cables.
  • Cisco cables.

Click here for more information on the standard and custom products available from Bennetts.

Installation Services

Bennetts back our cable supply business with industry-leading design and installation services. Our unique ability to combine the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of cabling infrastructures has proven itself over many years. Our vast range of large and small organisational customers have enjoyed our government-endorsed end-to-end services, backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Our end-to-end services include:

  • Infrastructure design and consultancy;
  • Manufacture of cables, connectors, and customised housing to design;
  • Installation of communications cabling;
  • Contracting of labour to assist with ongoing network cabling;
  • All Electrical installations including light and power;
  • TV & telephone installations; and
  • Audio visual installations.

For an obligation free quotation or some good advice please use our on-line enquiry form or call us on 02 6280-5359.

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